What is Yoga Flow State?

First of all, what is flow state? Flow state is energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of an activity. When you are in the flow state, you are in the moment. You have amplified levels of concentration. Your perception of time changes. Discomfort goes unnoticed. Stray negative thoughts do not enter the mind. You feel united with your surroundings. Your awareness is one-pointed. You are solely focusing on the task at hand. Your creative juices are pouring out. Your skill is perfectly matched to the challenge at hand. You are experiencing peak performance. And you feel… Flowy.

And guess what - you can enter the flow state in a carefully crafted yoga class.

Why is this a big deal? For starters, it is an enjoyable experience! Another big reason is that you can utilize the flow state you were able to enter into during a yoga class after the class has ended. Once you get home, you may be able to break through the writer’s block you were having prior to class or knock out that work project with a looming deadline that you have been procrastinating or feel completely immersed while having a deep intellectual conversation with your best friend. The flow state allows you to be more productive, efficient, and creative.

Yoga Flow State is utilizing the practice of yoga to enter the flow state. 

Want to learn more about flow state, practice deliberatly getting into the flow state, and how Yoga Flow State can help you become better off the mat? Check out one of my workshops!